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The normal entrance qualification for the Faculty of Law is the basic Matriculation standard of FIVE subjects, at least TWO of which must be at 'A' level or equivalent level, the remainder at CXC general. There are no special subject requirements in addition to those necessary for Matriculation. The competition for places in the Faculty is such that very high 'A' level grades and very high averages in undergraduate degrees are required for an applicant to stand a reasonable chance of gaining admission.

The Faculty is prepared to consider applications from persons who do not strictly satisfy Matriculation standards but who have equivalent academic qualifications. In particular, mature applicants over 21 who have shown evidence of academic and professional achievement can be considered. (Reference should be made to the Regulations Governing Matriculation in the University Calendar). This may provide an opportunity to read for a Law degree for those who have already been associated with the practice of law in some way - e.g. clerks of the courts, legal assistance, civil servants, police officers and so on.
Direct Entry
Exemption from all the non-law subjects in Part I is a concession granted by the Board of the Faculty of Law. Students who qualify under Faculty Regulations for such exemption may be considered for direct entry to the Part II course at Cave Hill. Potential candidates must have attained a regional social sciences degree of at least upper second class honours level. Direct entrants are required to undertake a more intensive programme of study with six to seven courses per semester. The Faculty of Law reserves the right to limit the number of direct entrants in a given year.

Mixed Degrees
Undergraduate courses offered at the Faculty of Law are available to students from other Faculties. The Faculty of Law in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences also offers the following Mixed Law degrees leading to Bachelors of Science in the Following areas:
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