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UWI TradeLab

The first pilot TradeLab clinic in the Caribbean region

The SRC and Cave Hill Law Faculty  have joined forces to introduce a pilot clinic of TradeLab to the Caribbean.  TradeLab is a network of Universities across the world that use the services of law students to provide free legal advice on trade and investment issues to developing country beneficiaries.  For more on the tradelab community, please click here.

Drs. Jan Yves Remy and Ronnie Yearwood supervise one of TradeLab’s newest pilot clinics at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill’s Shridath Ramphal Centre for International Trade Law, Policy & Services (SRC). Dr. Remy is the Deputy Director of the SRC, while Dr. Yearwood is a Lecturer in Law at The University of West Indies, Cave Hill Campus (UWI).

The SRC is home to The University of West Indies’ Flagship program, the Masters in International Trade Policy, and is the leading centre devoted to assisting the Caribbean region with issues of international economic law, regionally and on the global front.

For the first pilot clinic, the Academic Supervisors, Drs.  Remy and Yearwood, have signed up 9 students to work in groups of three. The teams are currently working for beneficiaries from the Caribbean region on the following topics:
  1. Analysing reform proposals put forth by World Trade Organization (WTO) Members to enhance the organization’s efficiency and functioning;
  2. Formulating WTO compliant domestic support options for local manufacturers; and
  3. Identifying policy priorities and strategies for the beneficiary to prepare for plurilateral e-commerce negotiations.
The pilot clinic at UWI is also being assisted by Mentors Claude Chase, Zainab Mchumo, Craig VanGrasstek and Mark Wu. Mentors lend invaluable support to TradeLab clinics with their expertise and guidance to students on the project output.

UWI Trade Lab Pilot Clinic Videos

Please see the UWI Tradelab Pilot Clinic videos featuring Dr. Remy and Dr. Yearwood, and UWI participating Law Student, Jacob Phillips below.