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Teaching Arrangements for the New Semester & Safety Guidelines Reminder

Notice from the Office of Marketing and Communications:

Dear Colleagues,     
Since the physical reopening of the campus on June 8th, there have been several queries relative to the start of the next semester and the teaching modalities that will be employed.
At present, timetabling and other arrangements are being finalised so as to enable all level one (1) students to receive their instructions in a face-to-face (in-person) format on campus.  However, alternative arrangements will be put in place for students in that category who prefer to access their first-year UWI education online, that is, outside the physical classroom setting.  
Courses for students at levels two (2) and three (3) will be delivered primarily in an online mode.  Selected classes, including lab sessions which could prove challenging in a virtual environment, will be offered face to face (in person).
However, ALL STUDENTS will have an option to receive all their lectures and tutorials in an online setting, should they prefer this modality.
We hope that this information provides guidance and assists with any queries you may receive from new and returning students.   
We also wish to remind you that, given the prevailing COVID-19 environment, the campus continues to undertake several measures aimed at addressing health and safety concerns in accordance with national protocols.   
We invite you to watch and share the following video that outlines the Campus Reopening Safety Guidelines previously issued on June 5th prior to our reopening.  
Video Link: