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Faculty of Law

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NEW Academic year 2020/2021
Dear Students of the Faculty of Law,
Please note the following in regards to preparation for the NEW Academic year 2020/2021:
  • For ACADEMIC COUNSELLING and EXEMPTION ENQUIRIES, please email us or call 417-4215.
  • Registration for CONTINUING students of the Faculty (Second and Third Years) BEGIN - August 31, 2020 (4pm)
  • Registration for INCOMING students of the Faculty (First Years) BEGIN – Sept 2, 2020. In addition, please visit CHOL Online to register for classes. As a general note, it may be quicker, and slightly less time consuming for first time users to:
  • Simply google: UWI CHOL Cave hill
  • Select the first link (CHOL – Cave hill Campus)
  • Select the BIG BLUE BUTTON of CHOL LOGIN (Upper right ride of screen)
  • Select Enter Secure Area
  • Enter Credentials (Student ID number, and password logins) – You may need to contact Admissions and our Law Rep if you haven’t been given a password (Mr. Kemar John – or call extension 417-4124
  • Select Student and Financial Aid
  • Select Registration
  • Select Add/Drop Classes
  • Select Courses
You can also visit the Faculty’s Website for any additional queries, but if you still encounter difficulties beyond your control or otherwise, please contact our secretariat office’s main extension: 417-4224
Kind Regards,
The Faculty of Law
August 25, 2020