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is pleased to present the 4th symposium of

The UWI Executive Certificate in Public Procurement Law

on the topic


 The Art of Tendering: A Due Diligence Guide          

to be held at the

Hyatt Regency Trinidad 

December 3‐4, 2018


Presented by Paul Emanuelli, the General Counsel and Managing Director of the Procurement Law Office, Canada, this program will cover the most important issues facing public procurement professionals with a focus on how global and domestic trends are impacting public procurement practices in the Caribbean.

The two-day symposium, open to all procurement professionals, will focus on how global trends are impacting public procurement practices across the Caribbean in the areas of institutional governance, project governance, tendering formats, document drafting, bidding risks, contract management, training, and innovation.

Topics to be presented include:

  •  A synthesis of the trade treaties, statutory structures, case law trends, and audit benchmarks shaping the common core global standards that regulate public sector procurement, with recommendations on how to conduct institutional reviews and implement updated policies and procedures to achieve compliance with those standards;
  •  Practical recommendations and guidelines on how to meet the challenges of project governance, including proper project planning and implementation practices, along with the use of advanced tendering formats and professional drafting techniques to organize your solicitation drafting teams;
  •  An analysis of the key contract design factors that should inform your project teams in implementing the appropriate contract management strategies and selecting the appropriate contracting formats;
  •  Critical insights on leading project teams in complex commercial negotiations using the negotiated RFP formats recognized by international procurement standards; and
  •  Recommendations on how to lead advanced training and innovation initiatives within public institutions.