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Dr. Matthew Reid Krell

Dr. Matthew Reid Krell

Lecturer in Law

Department: Law


Reid Krell is an American lawyer and political scientist. He has litigated labor and employment cases for both workers and employers in administrative, trial, and appellate proceedings across five states in the American South. He has served as a securities arbitrator in Alabama and Puerto Rico. He has taught classes at the University of Alabama on American politics, comparative politics, research methods, the American judicial system, and wage and hour law.


Ph.D. in Political Science, The University of Alabama, 2019 

J.D., University of Alabama School of Law, 2009 

Research Areas

Dr. Krell’s research focuses on courts as levelling institutions: mechanisms for overcoming the power provided by resources, the determinants of plaintiff payouts, and the interactions among participants in a case. He is also interested in the methods used to study judicial politics and decision-making. His dissertation focused on information exchange in American trial courts, and was nominated for the American Political Science Association’s Edward S. Corwin Award for the best dissertation in public law. 

Dr. Krell has three major research pipelines: 

  1. American trial courts and the litigation life cycle. 

  1. Measurement issues in litigation process research. 

  1. Interactions between courts and other political actors. 

Teaching Areas

Real Property I 

Legal Methods, Research, and Writing II 

Discrimination in Employment Law

Select Publications


“Judging as Soccer: Jurisprudence, Legisprudence, and Metaphor” (2018), Elon Law Review 10(1): 125-163. 

“Intervention Unnecessary: Bar Associations as Public Participants in Administrative Rulemaking” (2017), Journal of Public Affairs 17(3):1-10. 

“Fear-Driven Donations: Campaign Contributions as Mechanisms to Entrench White Supremacy” (2016), Social Science Quarterly 97(5): 1119-1129. 

“The Ivory Tower Under Siege: A Constitutional Basis for Academic Freedom” (2011), George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal 21(2): 501-540. 

“Raising the Bar: Elite Advocacy in Supreme Court Public Interest Litigation” (2010), The Journal of the Legal Profession 34(2): 275-306. 

Additional Info

Dr. Krell is open to queries from potential Ph.D. or MPhil students who wish to do research related to his areas of expertis


Judicial politics, litigation process, research methods, judicial decision-making, professional responsibility, civil procedure, labor and employment law, administrative law