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Dr. Antonius R. Hippolyte

Dr. Antonius R. Hippolyte

Interim Dean

Department: Law


Antonius is currently a Lecturer of Law at the University of the West Indies at the Cavehill Campus. Prior to joining Cavehill, Antonius was a co-owner of a Manchester U.K.-based legal consultancy and an aspiring politician in his native Saint Lucia. He also served as the research advisor to the BVI International Arbitration Centre from 2016 to 2017.


  • Ph.D.;

  • LL.M. (Distinction); LL.B. (Hons);

  • PGDip (Hull); MBA(c) (South Wales);

  • PGCert International Tax Law (Leiden)

  • MCIArb; CMC-Accredited Mediator

Research Areas

Antonius has research interest in International Economic Law and Governance. Most of his work examines how developing countries participate in the international economic system. His research, so far, has focused on the participation of these countries in international
investment law, specifically investor-state arbitration; international trade law; international tax law, international environmental law etc. Some of his work has been used as teaching
material at various universities globally.

Antonius is in the process of co-authoring a book on the state of international investment law in the Commonwealth Caribbean.

Teaching Areas

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Law of Tort
  • Private International Law

Select Publications

  • Antonius R Hippolyte, 'Foreign Investment Law and Developing Countries' in Markus Krajewski and Rhea Hoffman (eds) Research Handbook on Foreign Direct Investment (Edward Elgar 2019)72-125.

  • Antonius R. Hippolyte, ICSID’s Neoliberal Approach to Environmental Regulation in Developing Countries: Lessons from Latin America' (2017) 19 International Community Law

  • Review 401-442.

  • Antonius R. Hippolyte, ‘Aspiring for a constructive TWAIL Approach Towards the International Investment Regime,’in Stephan Schill, Christian Tams and Rainer Hoffman (eds), International Investment Law and Development: Bridging the Gaps (Edward Elgar 2015) 180-219

  • Antonius R. Hippolyte, 'Correcting TWAIL’S Blind Spots: A Plea for a Pragmatic Approach to International Economic Governance' (2016) 18(1) International Community Law Review 34-52.

  • Antonius R. Hippolyte, ‘Calls for National Intervention in the Toxic Waste Trade to Africa: A Contemporary Issue in the Environmental Justice Debate”’ (2012) 58 Loyola Law Review 301

  • Antonius R. Hippolyte, ‘Macro Legal and Regulatory Policies for Public Private Partnerships and the Industrial Interface of the EU’ (2011) 6 European Public Private Partnership Law Review 71


International Investment Law; Developing Countries; Critical Legal Theory; Third World Approaches to International Law; International Law; International Economic Law