Resources for Faculty and Students with Disabilities

Students with Disabilities

The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Policy and Procedures for the Management of Undergraduate Courses and Programmes states the following with regard to students with disabilities:

Course Syllabi
Every semester each lecturer shall prepare a comprehensive syllabus (see Appendix 1) for each course he/she teaches, based on the approved course outline but containing detailed information such as readings and other assignments, a course schedule, an updated bibliography, attendance and grading policies, academic integrity information, a statement on accommodations for students with disabilities and other special needs, and other activities and deadlines. Each course syllabus must be consistent with the course outline as judged by the academic department. The course syllabus outlines commitments by the lecturer and the students and both students and lecturer should adhere to it. The syllabus should however include a clause regarding the possibility of amendments.

The articles and links which follow are designed to assist faculty in making their courses accessible.

Making your course accessible




National Centre on Universal Design for Learning

DO-IT Centre Universal Design Page

The Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning has a number of resources and documentation for faculty which will allow them to respond to the needs of students with disabilities. We must appreciate that it is also possible to have faculty members who have a disability of some kind. The information found below addresses the issue of faculty with disabilities.

Faculty Members with Disabilities

The Neglected Demographic - Faculty with Disabilities

Working together faculty and students with disabilities

Faculty members accommodation and access in higher education

Perils and Prospects of Disclosing Disability Identity in HIgher Education


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