Postgraduate Certificate in University Teaching & Learning (PGCUTL)


This programme is designed to meet the need for academic staff to be exposed to learning strategies and approaches required to be effective in educating today’s students for tomorrow’s world.  There are at least two fundamental changes occurring in universities around the world. 
  1. The first is the greater diversity in the pool of students attending university.
  2. The second is that, increasingly, societies are demanding that universities engage in a process of transforming these students to achieve a desired set of learning outcomes. This contrast with the more traditional role of university teaching which concentrated on information dissemination from lecturer to student.
Given the dynamic changes in enrolment demographics and this focus on learning outcomes, it is imperative that faculty members are versed in instructional strategies that address this paradigmatic shift from teacher-centred to learning-centred. 


The learning outcomes are aligned with all eight objectives of the teacher certification programme suggested by the accrediting body of the UK-based staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA), Professional Development Framework on Higher Education Teacher Certification. It incorporates the following SEDA Objectives to be achieved by university teachers.
All university teachers must be able to:
  • Design a teaching programme.
  • Use a wide and appropriate range of teaching and learning methods effectively and efficiently in order to work with large groups, small groups and on a one-to-one basis.
  • Provide support to students on academic issues.
  • Use a wide and appropriate range of assessment techniques to support student learning and to record achievement.
  • Evaluate their own work with a range of self, peer and student monitoring and evaluation techniques.
  • Perform effectively their teaching and academic administrative tasks.
  • Develop personal and professional strategies appropriate to the constraints and opportunities of their institutional setting.
  • Reflect on their own personal and professional practice and development.
  • Assess their future development needs, and make a plan for their continuing professional development.

The programme is designed as a UWI postgraduate certificate. A total of fifteen credits are required for completion of the programme (84 contact hours, plus directed readings and structured experiential and reflective learning). Academic staff members are able to challenge and obtain exemptions from courses based upon a structured process of prior learning assessment.  There are four courses associated with the programme which can be completed in approximately four (4) semesters.
The four courses are as follows:

1.      CUTL 5001 – Teaching and Learning: Theory to Practice
2.      CUTL 5104 – Assessment in Higher Education
3.      CUTL 5106 – Advancing Teaching and Learning with Technology
4.      CUTL 5207 – Reflective Teaching for Learning

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