Policies, Principles & Standards


Cave Hill Campus Blended Learning Policy  
The UWI Policy for Online and Multimodal Teaching and Learning, 2015  


Effective Blended learning is achieved through a process of systematic course design/redesign or better still, learning design, that takes account of the best features of the online and face-to-face learning environments
  • Effective learning, understanding and transfer of knowledge represent the principal consideration in blended course design and development
  • Effective blended learning thoughtfully integrate face-to-face and online learning
  • Blended approaches are designed to improve the student learning experience, optimize student engagement, and lead to improved learning outcomes
  • Blended approaches cater to diversity among students
  • Students must be adequately prepared to function in a blended learning environment
  • Faculty must be adequately trained and supported in the science and art of blended course design, development and delivery


Design Standards for Blended Courses – Level 1    
Protocol for the Elements of a Completed Online Course   
Checklist for Submission of Proposals for Online and Multimode Programmes  

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