"Having lived at the Sir Keith Hunte Hall for approximately three years while pursuing my degree and I would have to say my favourite thing about residing on the Hall would be our proximity to the famous Paradise beach. Some of my best memories were made at our spontaneous beach pumps when that one person just had to message in our hall chat saying, “Beach at 4 pm.” We’d spend evenings playing games, swimming, and watching some of the best sunsets BIM had to offer. Often, we would have games nights, hall meetings where everyone would look forward to our tradition of receiving brownies, our countless Esso (gas station) runs in the wee hours of the morning, random bonding sessions in our common areas, movie nights, pranks and not forgetting every academic year our SFK Halls week where all three halls would come together and partake in numerous activities. In addition to these wonderful experiences, it is indeed a luxury to reside within walking distance from the main campus after a long day of classes. Most importantly however, forming lasting friendships with students from across the region and globe that ensure to look out for you is just one of the many perks of residing at Keith Hunte hall. It truly becomes home away from home. I fully recommend spending at least one academic year at the Sir Keith Hunte Hall, where we pride ourselves in being “Hunters”.  Although we may be relatively small in number, we maintain strong bonds and live everyday by our slogan “No You, No Me, but WE.”
                                                                                                                   Chelsea Antoine
                                                                                                                      Keith Hunte Hall