Off Campus Accommodation

For students interested in living off-campus and for students who have not been allotted places in the Halls of Residence, the Off-Campus Accommodation site should be useful. Most of the off-Campus Accommodation are located approximately 5 miles away from the Cave Hill Campus and there is public transportation available to the University.

All final arrangements of terms and conditions are made between the students and the landlords. It is in the best interest of both landlord and tenant to have a signed tenancy agreement, in this way rights and responsibilities will be clear. Students experiencing difficulties with their landlords may contact the Accommodations Office.


To contact the Off Campus Accommodation Officer please email or call Mr. Creigston Brathwaite at (246) 417-4578 or (246) 232-8434.


(BDS$ 2.00 = USD$ 1.00)
Houses 2 Bedrooms (furnished) $1,200 - $1,500 per month
3 Bedrooms (furnished) $1,650 - $1,800 per month
1 Bedroom $600 - $1,200 per month
2 Bedrooms $700 - $900 per month, per student
3 Bedrooms $1650 - $1800 per month

Board &


Accommodation with families: $700 - $900 per month
Lodgings Only Furnished rooms sharing with other student $600 - $800 per month per student

Contact Us
Tel: (246) 417-4175 or (246) 417-4176 or (246) 417-4578

Fax: (246) 424-6482