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Frank Worrell Hall

Frank Worrell Hall
The Frank Worrell Hall consists of 180 single study rooms in suites of six, contained in ten (10) three-storey blocks, arranged in three clusters. Each cluster is enclosed in by a combination of garden walls and share common facilities including sub warden's apartment and laundry unit.

The Junior Common Room (JCR) is the central feature of the communal life of the Hall and is located at the heart of the complex.

Situated on a knoll overlooking the main campus, the complex captures a panoramic view of the beautifully laid out campus and a distant view of the Caribbean Sea. The design of the buildings reflects an architectural vernacular of the Barbadian style with modest overhangs and hipped vented gable roofs to permit natural ventilation.

The internal arrangements define each student's space whilst permitting a family lifestyle on each floor and a community in each cluster. Each study room is furnished with a bed, built-in desk and wardrobe and all are equipped with face basins. On each floor there is a communal living / lounge area and fully equipped kitchenette.


Frank Worrell Hall Photos