Office Management: Mail Policies and Guidelines
Postal Tips

The efficient administration of the University relies on the proper preparation, efficient processing and timely distribution of mail. Here are some tips to enable you to adhere to the Postal Regulations of the Barbados Postal Service (BPS) and assist us with the improvement of our services:-

  1.      Ensure that your mail has the complete address.
  2.      Mail should always be weighed to determine correct postage.
  3.      Place stamps on the top right hand corner of envelop.
  4.      Always place the recipient’s address in the centre of the envelop.
  5.      Always include postal codes for faster delivery.
  6.      Your address should be placed either on the top left corner or on the back of the envelop.
  7.      ‘On Service’/ ‘Airmail’ stamps should be placed on the top centre of the envelop. 
  8.      If your letter is ‘On Service’, it should also be initialed on the bottom left corner of the envelop on the approved office stamp.
  9.      Overseas or Airmail envelops do not require an initial.
10.      Registered Airmail should be accompanied by a B.P.S slip bearing a reference # (E.g. Exp. R110 10 10 10 1BB). Locally registered mail does not
            have this requirement. 

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