Certificate in Records Management Programme: Course Description
Introduction to Records Management

This course surveys the history and development of records management, and examines key concepts and core techniques in the management of recorded information from creation to final disposition. In depth attention is given to records management terminology, definitions of concepts, records inventorying, file classification, appraisal, and retention scheduling.

Managing Active and Inactive Records

This course covers the functions associated with the management of records throughout their life cycle, from creation control techniques such as correspondence and forms management, to active records maintenance and use to inactive records management, final disposition, archives administration and legal compliance.


Records Management Programme Development and Implementation

This course explores and examines virtually all aspects of the development, operation and implementation of records management programmes. It encompasses infrastructure and resource requirements, analysis or workflow and process problems, user expectations and marketing. Also studied in some depth are disaster preparedness and recovery, writing records management manuals, records security, risk analysis, audits, and reports.


Records Management Technology Issues and Implications

This course covers the use of automation to facilitate the management of records throughout their life cycle, micrographics, imaging and electronic document and records management systems, database and web-site design will be dealt with in depth.