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Dr. Don D. Marshall, Director
Sir Arthur Lewis Institute
Cave Hill Campus
Welcome to the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute's graduate corner!

This page has been especially created to guide prospective students through the steps needed to pursue study here at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados.

Our programmes are research-based and are also offered at the St. Augustine and Mona branches of the Institute.

The Mona campus also offers the MSc in Development Studies, a programme geared to “producing the ideal graduate with the requisite leadership training and an interdisciplinary grasp of the social sciences”.  (For more information, please click

The Graduate Degree Handbook

This handbook is useful in outlining the requirements of the application process, library facilities, fees, etc.  Please click on the following link:

Programs Offered at Cave Hill Campus

We offer programmes in the areas of:

MPhil (Social Policy)                                     PhD (Social Policy)
MPhil (Governance and Public Policy)         PhD (Governance and Public Policy)
MPhil (Economic Development Policy)        PhD (Economic Development Policy).

We welcome and encourage thesis proposals that fit well with our research themes:

Navigating globalization
  • Microfinance and Entrepreneurship
  • Repositioning Caribbean International Finance Centres
  • Caribbean Development Theory and Policy - (Interrogating the State of the Art).
 Social Renewal
  • Youth and Determinants of Problem Behaviour
  • Mitigating Rise Crime
  • Interventions in Law Reforms around Sexual and Reproductive Rights
  • Ways of Being in a Digital Age.
  • Coping with Climate Change and Micro-Insurance
  • Greening Caribbean Futures
  • Sustainable Livelihoods
The Application Process

1.         Submit a short research proposal (2-3 pages) outlining your area of interest.
2.         Fill out the application form (on-line/paper).  Click: .
3.         Submit both the proposal and application form to the School for Graduate Studies and Research at:
                                                Campus Coordinator
                                                School for Graduate Studies
                                                The University of the West Indies
                                                Black Rock
                                                St. Michael, Barbados
4.         The Institute’s Entrance Committee will review all applications and make recommendations.  The School for Graduate Studies will inform applicants of their applications.


The Cave Hill branch of the Institute is proud to announce the names of our students who have been awarded their degrees.
Halimah A. F. De Shong, MPhil (Social Development Policy) – Gender-Based Violence.
Jonathan M. Yearwood, MPhil (Social Policy) – Penal Rehabilitation.
Kirk H. Taitt, MPhil (Governance and Public Policy) – Money Laundering.
Kyra S. Paul, PhD (Social Policy) – Violence among Youth.

Our 2016 graduate
Dr. Kyra Paul
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