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Publications: Sir William Arthur Lewis Collected Papers

Sir William Arthur Lewis: Collected Papers 1941-1988

Edited by Patrick A.M. Emmanuel 1994, 3 Vols.
ISBN 976-619-013-5 (hbk)
ISBN 976-619-017-8 (pbk)

Volume One contains the crowning essay on international trade, the engine of growth as Sir Arthur would name it towards the end. The offering takes us back to the start of a lifelong concern with the changing terms of trade as a means of distributing economic activity and world income, with the impact of external shocks on the level of employment and with the long run alternating of growth with recession. Historical and statistical studies and puzzled policy concerns are linked to theory and strategy devised for managing structural adjustments with the help of development planning for industrial modernization.

Volume Two extends the discussion of structural adjustment to the mechanism Lewis proposes for self-sustaining expansion. The pièce de résistance is Sir Arthur’s two-sector model of development with unlimited supplies of labour. The early ideas about industrial transformation in Puerto Rico and the West Indies are included here. So too are the further notes, the second thoughts, the amendments and the troubled reflections when output, as expected, grows while employment maddeningly lags.

Volume Three adds commentary on other development issues. The professional is a concerned world citizen in sundry guises. He is called to address t May 12, 2010 ion. In no way is the result a simple miscellany.

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