The University of the West Indies (UWI), at Cave Hill, Barbados

The University of the West Indies

at Cave Hill, Barbados

Publications: Occasional Papers

Occasional Papers

  • Administration of Foreign Relations, by Lloyd Searwar. 1974.
  • Food Crop Production in Barbados and Its Response to CARIFTA/CARICOM and the Agricultural Marketing Protocol, by Gloria Francis. 1975.
  • The Vincentian Elections, 1974, by Neville Duncan. 1975.
  • Some Problems of Slave Desertion in Guyana c.1750-1814, by Alvin O. Thompson. 1976.
  • The History and Development of the St. Lucia Civil Code, by N.J.O. Liverpool. 1977.
  • Tourism and Employment in Barbados, by Dawn Marshall. 1977.
  • Barbados 1976 General Election Public Opinion Survey, by Neville Duncan, Graham Dann, Joyce Cole, Patrick Emmanuel. 1978.
  • Crown Colony Politics in Grenada, 1917-1951 by Patrick Emmanuel. 1978.
  • Agricultural Diversification in a Small Economy: the Case of Dominica, by J.M. Marie. 1979.
  • The Fiscal System of Barbados, 1946-1965, by Michael Howard. 1979.
  • General Elections in the Eastern Caribbean: a Handbook by Patrick Emmanuel. 1979.
  • Public Policy and Industrial Relations in the English-Speaking Caribbean: the Challenge of Regionalism, by Lawrence Nurse. 1980.
  • The Status of Women in Barbados: What has been Done Since 1978, by Norma M. Forde. 1981.
  • CARICOM's Less Developed Countries: a Review of Progress of the LDCs Under the CARICOM Arrangements, by Swinburne Lestrade 1981.
  • Guidelines for the Conduct of Social Surveys in the Caribbean: the Experience of a Five-Island Interdisciplinary Questionnaire Survey, by Christine Barrow. 1983.
  • Residential Sub-divisions of Barbados, 1965-1977, by Lionel Nurse. 1983.
  • Employed Women in Barbados: a Demographic Profile, by Joycelin Massiah. 1984.
  • The Economies of the OECS in the 1970s, by Arnold McIntyre. 1986.
  • Political Change and Public Opinion in Grenada, 1979-84, by Patrick Emmanuel, Farley Brathwaite, Eudine Barriteau. 1986.
  • Approaches to Caribbean Political Integration, by Patrick Emmanuel. 1987
  • Hard Work, Hard Choices: A Survey of Women in St. Lucia's Export-Oriented Electronics Factories, by Deirdre Kelly. 1987
  • The Traditional Marketing System in Antigua: An Economic Analysis, by Dianne Hope. 1991.

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