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Publications: Bulletin of Eastern Caribbean Affairs

The Bulletin of Eastern Caribbean Affairs, launched in March 1975, was designed primarily to provide informed and analytical commentaries on significant political, social and economic developments affecting the Leeward and Windward Islands, and Barbados. Originally it was intended that the Bulletin would give special attention to the problems posed to these territories by such major developments as economic integration and constitutional advance towards political independence. It went beyond this to include material on other societal aspects in the territories.

One of the main factors leading to the launching of the Bulletin was the inadequacy of regular, informed commentary on the major problems of smaller Commonwealth Caribbean states. The newspapers available to the reading public in these territories offered no such commentary. Books and academic journals did not pay attention to these smaller communities. There was need for a  semi-academic publication with a monthly publication frequency to fill this intellectual gap for the reading public of the territories. The Bulletin appeared monthly from March 1975 to December 1980; bi-monthly from 1981-1992; and quarterly from 1993 to 1996.

From the first year of publication, the Bulletin was constantly reviewed regarding the nature and form of presentation of its contents. Analysis of current and important matters of public policy was the concern.

In addition to articles, the Bulletin, from time to time, published a variety of other types of material including: major statements on public policy issues, e.g., Government White Papers and Reports of regional and international organizations; major legislation and judicial decisions; book reviews; and current bibliographies.

The Bulletin has evolved into the Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies, with effect from Volume 22, 1997.

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Latest Issue - Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies
Volume 41, No. 1 - April 2016 is now available from:

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