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Academic Administrative, Technical and Service

The Staff of the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados.
(Standing, from left - Dr. Don Marshall, Mr. Jamal Smith, Dr. Keith Nurse, Mr. Winfield Best, Dr. Jonathan Lashley and Dr. Corin Bailey)
(Sitting, from left - Dr. Latoya Lazarus, Mrs. Sandra Tull, Ms. Saskia Scotland, Ms. Magna Forde, Ms. Rashida Cox, Ms. Alicia Graham,
Ms. Jacqueline Thompson and Ms. Beverley Hinds)

The staff of the Institute consists of active researchers in the social sciences who have published in regional and international periodicals and who have been policy advisors and consultants to several organisations in the Caribbean region. In addition, there are also a number of distinguished adjunct members of staff (Honorary Professors or Professors Emeriti) with considerable policy experience, who provide their experience and expertise to the Institute.

The Administrative, Technical and Service staff provide administrative support to the Institute, in all areas such as day-to-day administrative duties, seminars, conferences, public lectures and research projects.

Finally, the Institute boasts of its own library - The Audine Wilkinson Library - which plays an integral role in providing research services to staff and students of the University, as well as government and private institutions in Barbados and the rest of the world.


What's New

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Latest Issue - Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies
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