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Message from Principal: Professor V Eudine Barriteau, GCM
Professor V Eudine BarriteauMy dear students, I am delighted to welcome each of you to The University of the West Indies, and especially to the Cave Hill Campus.  In deciding to pursue your education at Cave Hill you have chosen to enter into a distinguished institution with a proud and rich heritage of commitment to teaching, research and service to the region and the world.
You have also joined a large and diverse family comprised of over fifty thousand students and more that 120,000 alumni who may be found contributing to the development of their communities, countries and professions at every level and in nearly every corner of the world.
We are all aware that our region continues to face challenging times and that many of you would have had to make serious economic sacrifices to continue your education.  We commend you highly for this choice which has the ability to transform your lives and that of your families and communities.
As Principal of the Cave Hill Campus, I am pleased that you have chosen The UWI Campus by the sea.  As an alumna, teacher, researcher and the leader of this great institution, I am deeply committed to your development and success and to ensuring that you are exposed to the highest quality educational experience. You have my sincerest commitment to providing the highest standards of programme delivery and an enhanced learning environment within the constraints of our current resources. I assure you of my commitment to maintaining standards of quality assurance, actively listening to your concerns and ensuring that Faculty and Staff at all levels deliver the quality service that we have agreed to provide.
As a student of The UWI, you have a very important role to play in the life and future of this institution. You are the fortunate beneficiary of the wisdom and contributions of those who have gone before you.  You also have the responsibility of both maintaining the legacy and continuing to define The UWI of today.  Even more importantly, you are being entrusted in guarding and protecting its proud legacy and ensuring the future for those who will follow in your footsteps.
I hope you will actively consider the possibilities the Campus presents. You will find numerous opportunities to extend your learning and research inside and outside of the classroom.  Use the opportunity to venture beyond your comfort zone.  Take an active part in your education and make the time to reflect on who you are and who you are trying to become.  Wherever possible, take classes in areas that introduce you to fields and ideas outside of your majors and which will help you develop new ways of thinking and understanding.  Participate in activities you have never tried and seize all opportunities to reach out to and connect with people who are different from you.
We all know that in the early days, life on Campus may seem to be confusing and sometimes overwhelming.  Remember that there are many persons available to help you work through these moments both academic and otherwise.   We want you to remember that we are all here to serve and that we have complete faith in your abilities and future.  Welcome to this new academic year.  Make it exciting, fulfilling and rewarding.
Very best wishes for a healthy, happy and productive period of study!

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal: Professor V Eudine Barriteau, GCM