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How those under 30 engage with libraries and think about libraries' role in their lives and communities. Please click here for more details on this article.

Dr. Grete Pasch comes to the Sidney Martin Library with a wealth of experience in metadata design, computer systems implementation, digitization projects and higher education. When asked how she sees librarianship in the Caribbean unfolding, she responded, "I have just arrived in the Caribbean and have much to learn, but it’s clear to me that, with most books and journals now available in digital form, librarians everywhere have been "freed" from having to spend all their time caring for huge collections of print items.  Our work has shifted toward providing new and improved services to our users.  In an academic setting, this means leading information literacy efforts, encouraging reading both for study and for fun, providing faculty with updated research tools, and improving our infrastructure to offer updated technology and comfortable spaces for reading and reflection".

The History Makers is a video history of the small details of everyday life and profound events experienced by African-Americans collected by the Library of Congress.  The collection includes 9,000 hours of video interviews with 2,600 African-Americans in more than 35 states.

Please refrain from making submissions to Journals as requested without carrying out your own due diligence as some of them may be bogus.  Please see the attached articles on predatory publishers:

RMA eStatement Studies | 11/04/2012
RMA is the most respected source of objective, unbiased information on issues of importance to credit risk professionals. For over 92 years, RMA’s Annual Statement Studies® has been the industry standard for comparison financial data. Material contained in today’s Annual Statement Studies was first published in the March 1919 issue of the Federal Reserve Bulletin. For full details click  here.

The Campus Registrar's Office has published the following document:
UWI plagiarism Accountability Statement to be submitted by students. 

Students may access the document by clicking here.

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