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The Office of the Principal is pleased to announce the Cave Hill Campus Research Website.

From June to September 2011, numerous beaches and bays of islands in the eastern Caribbean (e.g., Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Maarten/St.Martin) were enveloped with unprecedented amounts of brown seaweed. Please click here for the article.

The Universal Rights Group (URG) is pleased to announce the launch of its new online HRC Resolutions Portal.  The Portal aims to support the international human rights system by making the work and output of the Human Rights Council more accessible and transparent, thereby strengthening universality and facilitating follow-up.
The Portal is a unique online tool allowing users to locate and review essential information about each and every council text.  It offers a comprehensive, intuitive and easily accessible database of every resolution, decision and presidential statement adopted by the Council since its creation in 2006.
Please click here for access.

The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection (Henry Stewart Talks) provides access to one hour lectures containing the latest research developments as well as the fundamentals from the world’s leading experts in their respective fields including Nobel Laureates and Lasker Award Winners. A scientist viewing one talk from this collection is equivalent to travelling to and attending a lecture by a world’s leading expert at a conference.  The collection contains well over 1,800 lectures and approximately 15 new talks are added each month These lectures are not only used as one would use a journal article, but also used to augment teaching and learning.
To access the collection please click here.

Please refrain from making submissions to Journals as requested without carrying out your own due diligence as some of them may be bogus.  Please see the attached articles on predatory publishers:

RMA eStatement Studies | 11/04/2012
RMA is the most respected source of objective, unbiased information on issues of importance to credit risk professionals. For over 92 years, RMA’s Annual Statement Studies® has been the industry standard for comparison financial data. Material contained in today’s Annual Statement Studies was first published in the March 1919 issue of the Federal Reserve Bulletin. For full details click  here.

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