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Mango Languages Trial  | 20/02/2017
Students, staff, faculty, and alumni will
love learning with Mango Languages’
rich curricula and authentic content.
Mango Languages includes two
interactive resources to learn over
60 foreign languages and 17 ESL/ELL
courses: Mango Conversations
and Mango Premiere.
Learn through conversation.
Mango Conversations teaches through native-speaker dialogue, cultural insights, and critical thinking exercises. Memorable patterns and a conversation-based methodology empower learners to construct phrases and sentences on their own. English courses (ESL/ELL) feature navigation and phonetics in the user’s native language to make the learning easier.

These new resources provide more of what is needed for successful research.  This includes:
  • More top-ranked scholarly journals
  • More peer-reviewed, active full-text journals
  • More academic magazines and journals from leading subject indexes

Before submitting your work for publication through a website, make sure that you're considering the right journal to do so:

1) First, familiarize yourself with the "Open Accesspublishing model and learn how it differs from "Predatory publishing".  Understand why there are legitimate Submission and Publication Fees that may be charged to you as an author.

2) Next, find a journal relevant to your field of research: 
  • Consult with your colleagues: what journals do they publish in, and why?
  • Use a journal recommendation service like the Edanz Journal SelectorJane, or the CoFactor Journal Selector
  • The mission of Open Access Academy (OAA) is to provide resources, support and advice for students and early career researchers in their journey from writing to publishing their scientific papers. OAA's THINK-CHECK-SUBMIT campaign seeks to "help researchers identify trusted journals for their research."
3) Avoid journals that have a questionable reputation:
  • Consult the Beall's list of "predatory"  publishers and publications and review the Criteria used by Beall, which can be helpful as you make up your own mind about the merits of any and all journals you may be considering 
  • Check lists of vetted journals (e.g., the Directory of Open Access Publications, DOAJ) and publishers (e.g., membership list of the Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers, STM.) 

And at any time, feel free to consult the Cave Hill librarians for further guidance! 

The Office of the Principal is pleased to announce the Cave Hill Campus Research Website.

RMA eStatement Studies | 11/04/2012
RMA is the most respected source of objective, unbiased information on issues of importance to credit risk professionals. For over 92 years, RMA’s Annual Statement Studies® has been the industry standard for comparison financial data. Material contained in today’s Annual Statement Studies was first published in the March 1919 issue of the Federal Reserve Bulletin. For full details click  here.

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