The University of the West Indies (UWI), at Cave Hill, Barbados

The University of the West Indies

at Cave Hill, Barbados

International Students: Travelling to Barbados

Visa and Immigration Requirements
Before traveling to Barbados, you should ensure that your passport is valid to cover at least the period up to the end of the academic year. You should also travel with proof of your student status (i.e. with the official Letter of Offer from the University). At the Airport you will be issued a temporary visitor’s visa.
Non-Barbadian students are required to obtain a student visa.   The University applies for the visa on your behalf after you have registered and completed the Certificate of Eligibility (H-1 and H-2 forms) and paid the application fee of Bds$300.00 (US$150.00).  The Certificate of Eligibility forms should be submitted to the Student Records Office within two (2) weeks of the start of your programme.


Pre-departure and Arrival

When making your travel arrangements you are advised to travel on a return and NOT a one-way ticket. Since arrangements will be made for you to be picked up at the airport we ask that you inform us as soon as possible of your scheduled arrival date and time as well as the name of your airline carrier and your flight. The most convenient time to arrive at UWI is between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm (NORMAL WORKING HOURS).

If you are placed in a hall of residence you will be provided with basic furnishings in each room – bed, desk, chair, chest of drawers and a clothes closet. There is a communal living/lounge area and a fully equipped kitchen. You will need items for: the bedroom (linen for a single bed and curtains), the bathroom (linen, toiletries) and the kitchen (utensils including cutlery and a small pot). You can purchase items in Barbados when you have settled in.

Prescription Drugs
If you are on prescribed medication, you may bring adequate supplies of the drug or travel with your original prescription. Prescriptions may be filled at local pharmacies.  

Barbados is a tropical island, fanned by the sea. Clothing should be lightweight and suitable for a climate that is fairly humid in the summer months. Annual temperatures range between 22 and 32 degrees Celsius. Most lecture rooms are air-conditioned and students normally attend classes clad in tee-shirts and jeans or shorts. You should travel with at least one semi-formal outfit.


Food Items
You may wish to bring breakfast and other favourite foods and snack items e.g., cereal and packaged food items. There are is the Campus Cafeteria which offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Should you choose to prepare your own food while on campus basic necessities may be purchased at the Campus Mart.

You should note that everything you will need is available in Barbados, but most imported items will cost more than you are accustomed to paying at home.


Upon arrival, and after clearing Immigration and Customs, please proceed to the exit where you will be met by a UWI Official with a UWI welcome banner. If through unforeseen circumstances, you are not met, please take a taxi to the Campus.   Please note that there is a charge, which must be met by the student, for the taxi service.

If you are given a place in Hall, you will be transported from the airport to the Hall of Residence where you will reside during your stay. The Halls Administrator and her staff will welcome you and provide you with the necessary information and assist you with settling in.
Please report to the office of the Director, International Office on the next working day following your arrival on Campus.
If you arrive outside of normal working hours, arrangements will be made for you to be met on Hall and given the key to your room. You should report to the Security Office stationed at the Frank Worrell Hall.

Getting around in Barbados is relatively easy as you have a number of different modes of transportation from which to choose.  These are:

The Government-owned buses which are blue with yellow stripes and carries the letters BM on their license plates.  The Campus is located on Route 24 - Wanstead.

  • The privately owned minibuses which are yellow with blue stripes and carry the letter ‘B’ on their license plates.  The Campus is serviced by the Wanstead buses.
  • The privately owned route taxis known as “ZR” vans due to their license plates. Look for the buses with the number "3" on the front they work the Wanstead, Black Rock, Redmans Village route which passes outside the main entrance of the Campus.  

The fare to ride on all of these is Bds$2.00 (US$1.00) one way. Do remember that when you are the bus stop you need to put your hand out to signal to the bus driver you want to take the bus.

Campus Bus Service

The Campus Bus Service operates three routes to and from the city centre and the immediate surroundings of the campus.

All registered students are eligible to ride on the Campus Buses.  Please remember to take your student ID card with you at all times, as you will be asked to present it to the driver before entering the bus.





Enjoy the Experience of a Lifetime!


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