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Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit

Graduate Programme: Courses

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These courses are required for students who have not had adequate prior training in Gender Studies. Candidates should complete a combination of courses of no less than 9 credits.
1. GEND 2201 Introduction to Women’s Studies I
GEND 2202 Women’s Studies II: Women and Development in the Caribbean
2. GEND 3701 Men and Masculinities in the Caribbean: Theoretical Perspectives
GEND 3702 Men and Masculinities in the Caribbean: Contemporary Issues
GEND 3703 Gender Analysis and Theories of Development: Implications for Policy and Planning
GEND 2110 Gender and Caribbean Economic Relations
SOCI2007 (SY22B) Survey Design and Analysis
SOCI2007 (SY22A) Philosophy of Science other relevant course on research methods 
Qualifying Courses:
HUMN 2702 Women Writers from Africa and the Caribbean
HIST 3003 Gender in Caribbean History
HIST 3403 Women in Europe since 1750
LING 2501 Language, Gender and Society
SW42A Children and Family Services
SOCI 3027 Gender and Development: An Anthropological Perspective
GOVT 2000 Women and Politics
LAW3260 Gender and the Law in the Commonwealth Caribbean
GEND 2501 Women Leaders and Change in  Developing Countries
Any other course approved by the Centre and relevant to the candidate’s research area.
A relevant course on Research Methods
The Certificate in Gender and Development Studies, the Caribbean Institute in Gender and Development Studies. The 18 month Certificate in Gender and Development Studies (to be counted as 3 credits)
Institute’s compulsory Graduate Research Seminar GEND 7020
Degree Requirements
Candidates admitted directly to the M.Phil programme are required to register for the following: One methodology course and two other courses
Graduate Core components 
  • GEND 7010 Advanced Feminist Theory 
  • GS65B Gender Analysis in Policy and Planning 
  • GEND 7120 Feminist Epistemology and Methodology 
  • GEND 7020 Issues in Caribbean Feminism and Gender Relations 
  • CTLR 6270 Under Western Eyes: Rethinking Cultural Hegemony in Caribbean Gender Relations 
  • SALI6051 Research Design and Management 
  • SALI6052 Specialized Research Methods
Upgrade from the M.Phil.
 Alternatively, students currently studying at UWI for the M.Phil. degree who have:  
  • Achieved an average grade of at least 60% in the core courses 
  • Successfully defended a Thesis Proposal of a scope and depth deemed worthy of an upgrade and 
  • Consistently produced work of a standard in the opinion of their Supervisor, to merit an upgrade, may be allowed to transfer to the Ph.D. programme.
To this end, candidates will also be required to complete an Upgrade Seminar successfully, according to the following guidelines:
  1.  the Upgrade Seminar must be presented before a panel consisting of members of staff in the discipline and other interested parties
  2. For the Seminar, candidates are required to write and present a paper (to be photocopied and distributed beforehand) on a topic arising out of their research as well as to field questions.
Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit
Telephone: (246) 417-4490-93 Fax: (246) 424-3822 Email:

Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit
Telephone: (246) 417-4490-93 Fax: (246) 424-3822 Email: