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Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit

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  • Andrea Baldwin "Investigating Power in the Anglophone Caribbean Middle Class: Ideologies and Love as Power" (Graduated in 2013)
  • Michelle Belgrave "The Role of the Informal Economy in Economic Policy: An Examination of the Sex Tourism Industry in Barbados" 
  • Daniele Bobb "Briefcase or Babies: Assessing Globalization’s Impact on Modern Women’s Role in the Workplace"
  • Patricia Boyce "A Gender Analysis Of The Links Between Violence Against Women And HIV In Heterosexual Relationships In Barbados"
  • Neil Edwards "Sexual identity: Complexities of Description, Categorization and Application to the Barbados Context" 
  • Tonya Haynes "Mapping the Knolwedge Economy of Gender in the Caribbean, 1975-2010: Feminist Thought, Gender Consciousness and the Politics of Knowledge" (Graduated in 2012)
  • Desiree Jemmott "The Perceptions of Secondary School Boys on the Relevance of Tertiary Education to their career advancement"
  • Deborah Morgan "Construction of Gender Role Identity Development in Children: The Contribution of Parental Attachment and Family Structure"
  • Monique Springer "Re-Assessing HIV...Revisiting Eden..Reclaiming Ecstasy: A Socio-Sexual Study on the Construction of Pleasure Among Barbadian Women" 
  • Tara Wilkinson "Envisaging Manhood: Global Advertising and Caribbean Masculinities" 
  • Nalita Gajadhar "A Study of the Electoral (Nomination) Process in Barbados that Seeks to Answer the Question of the Impact of the Sexual Relations of Gender on Women's Participation and Performance in Electoral Politics"


Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit
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