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Undergraduate Programme: Courses Academic Year 2010 - 2011

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GEND 1103:   Theoretical Concepts and Sources of Knowledge
This is a survey course that introduces first year students to three strands of feminist analysis: theory, method and popular knowledge.  This course provides students with an introduction to the core concepts within women’s studies, such as feminism, gender, women studies, patriarchy, consciousness-raising, feminist backlash, first, and second wave feminism.  The course also encourages students to engage many of the issues addressed within Women’s Studies, such as gender based violence, sexual harassment, sexuality and gendered identities.  Students will be asked to make analytical links between the debates conducted in class and their respective communities.
GEND 2002:  Gender in Caribbean:  Culture  II
This course examines the social meanings and representations of gender in Caribbean culture through the examination of scholarly work, literature and popular culture (e.g. calypso, dancehall, carnival, sports, etc.).  From an interdisciplinary perspective it explores the historical roots and contemporary manifestations of gendered identities within a diverse, syncretic and every changing Caribbean cultural terrain.  It considers how culturally defined gender ‘norms’ intersect with other social variables such as race, class, sexuality, etc. in defining the collective and individual identities of men and women.  The course also explores how gender roles and relations based on hierarchal power relations between, and among, men and women are practiced or performed in areas of the family, work, media and the body.  The course emphasizes the experiences of the Anglophone Caribbean but is not limited to it.
GEND 2201:    Women’s Studies: An Introduction to Feminist Theories
This course introduces students to Feminist theories so that an appreciation can be gained for their applicability to women’s lives and the working of gender systems and gender relations in the Caribbean.  During the course, students will examine and interrogate the feminist theories used to analyse conditions affecting women and to evaluate their relevance to understanding the experiences and multiple realities of women in the Caribbean.

GEND 2501:  Women Leadership and Change in Developing Countries
The course analyses and theorises about the contributions of women in development countries whose domestic, professional and public activities have transformed communities at the local and global levels.  The course intends to isolate and interrogate the strategies employed by these women in altering conventional practices, subverting barriers, and forcing change that produces benefits for women and works towards creating more just societies.  A primary but not exclusive focus of the course is on the unexplored dynamics of women as leaders in the field of gender and development in developing countries.  The course intends to use the strategies these women created or deployed to build feminist models of women’s leadership and to disseminate the findings to empower women and men in the South and the North.  
GEND 3701:    Men and Masculinities in the Caribbean: An Introduction     
This course explores the construct of Caribbean masculinity from the perspective of gender.  This course will encourage you to think critically about constructions of gender and specifically masculinities from a variety of perspectives including: post structuralism, psychoanalysis, post colonialism, Marxist/socialist, etc.  It historicizes Caribbean masculinity and demonstrates how gender ideologies have manipulated expressions of Caribbean masculinity from slavery/indenture to the contemporary period.  This course strives to emphasize and explore the multiple and continuously shifting nature of masculinities in the Caribbean, veering away from essentialist notions of “Caribbean manhood.”  The course examines Caribbean men and identity, work, family, sexuality, gender relations and the state.  The course will interrogate feminist challenges and directions to studies of masculinity and provide an assessment of ‘the marginalization of the black male thesis.’  The course is open to level I, II and III students.
GEND 2202:  Women’s Studies: Women and Development in the Caribbean
This course builds upon the feminist theories introduced in the course GEND 2201.  The objective is to begin to critically evaluate the diverse experiences of Caribbean women as represented in history, politics and political participation, education, literature, religion and social policy and to relate these whenever possible to the development strategies pursued in the Caribbean.
GEND 3705 Gender and Sexuality
This course critically examines the historical androcentric constructions of sexuality.  The course will explore the historical and sociological approaches to human sexuality.  It will demonstrate how women’s and men’s sexualities are viewed differently and how this difference empowers and dis-empowers both sexes. It will examine how sexuality is constructed across a variation of sexual identities.  The course will also try to explain how historical ideologies about human sexuality are perpetuated within Caribbean societies and their effect on the lives of Caribbean women in particular.


HUMN 2702          Women Writers from Africa and the Caribbean
SOCI 3027            Gender and Development*
LITS 2502             Caribbean Women Writers
HIST 3003             Gender in Caribbean History
HIST 3312             Women in 20th Century Africa
HIST 3403             Women in Europe since 1750
LING 2501             Language, Gender and Society
SPAN 2702           Latin American Women Writers
SPAN 3702           Spanish American Women Narratives
PHIL 3500             Philosophy and Gender
PHIL 3510             Philosophy of Sex and Love**
*  Students wishing to do SOCI 3027 must have done the prerequisites
** This course is offered in the Summer School
GOV 2000             Women and Politics
SOCI 3027            Gender and Development
PSYC 2017           Gender and Psychology
SOCI 3031            Sex, Gender and Society
GEND 2002          Gender in Caribbean Culture II
GEND 2110          Gender and Caribbean Economic Relations
GEND 2203          Feminist Theoretical Frameworks
GEND 2501          Women Leadership and Change in Developing Countries
GEND 3703          Feminist Critiques of Development Theories: Implications for Policy and Planning
LA3260                 Gender and the Law

Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit
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Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit
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