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Research | Nita Barrow Collection

Research is the fastest growing area of work at the Institute. Ongoing research includes:
Caribbean Women Catalysts for Change: The Institute Regional and International Contributions of Outstanding Caribbean Women is the main research project of the Institute of Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit. It has three dimensions, one of which is research on the public service of outstanding Caribbean women who have contributed to change in key areas. This arm of the project researches, documents and disseminates analysis on the lives of the women selected. To date, the Centre has published two books - the first Stronger Surer Bolder: Ruth Nita Barrow Social Change and International Development (2001) and the second Enjoying Power: Eugenia Charles and Political Leadership in the Commonwealth Caribbean (2006). The Institute has now selected The Honourable Madame Justice Désirée Bernard, Caribbean Court of Justice, as the subject of research for Phase 3 on the theme of Gender and Caribbean Jurisprudence.
Gender and Livehoods: IGDS:NBU in collaboration with the Hope Foundation, is undertaking the Socio-economic Impact on Women who are Caregivers of Chronically Ill Children project which will investigate the needs of women who are responsible for the care of children suffering from chronic diseases; and examine the corresponding challenges they confront with their livelihoods. The project will provide policy makers and health care workers with the vital qualitative and quantitative information on the socio-economic challenges experienced by women who are primary caregivers.
Gender and the Economy: The Impact of a Stabilization and Structural Adjustment Programme on Four Communities In Barbados This project examines the impact of structural adjustment policies on four communities in Barbados. It intends to create a database of quantitative and qualitative data on the differential effect of macroeconomic policies on socioeconomic groups differentiated by class, gender and race.
  • Peggy Antrobus, BA (Brist), Cert Social Work (Birm), D.Ed (Amherst), Past Tutor / Coordinator, Women and Development Unit, School of Continuing Studies, UWI, Cave Hill. 
  • Cecilia Babb, BA (UWI) Senior Programme Officer, Caribbean Policy Development Centre. 
  • Jeanette Bell, BA (Essex), MA (The Institute of Social Studies, The Hague), Programme Coordinator, Women and Development Unit, School of Continuing Studies, UWI, Cave Hill. 
  • Denise Carter-Taylor, BSc (Andrews University), MA (NYU), Health Education Officer, Ministry of Health and the Environment. 
  • Rosaline Corbin, MA (Mane), Commonwealth Liaison Unit of Barbados. 
  • Joan Cuffie, BA (UWI), MA (UWI), Temporary Lecturer, School of Education, UWI, Consulting Psychologist. 
  • Diane Cummins, BSc (UWI), MSc (Wales), Consultant. 
  • Elizabeth Best, BA (UWI), MA (York, UK), PhD (Lond), Graduate Teacher.
  • Margaret Gill, BSc (UWI), MA (UWI), Tutor, Department of Language, Linguistics and Literatures, UWI, Cave Hill. 
  • Maryam Hinds, Acting Director, Barbados Drug Service. 
  • Rev. Eliseus Joseph, BSc, MA (UWI), Part-time Lecturer, Department of Government, Sociology and Social Work, UWI, Cave Hill. 
  • Linden Lewis, BA (UWI), MA (American University), PhD (AU), Associate Professor of Sociology, Bucknell University. 
  • Nan Peacocke, BA (Regina), Editor. 
  • Sheila Stuart, BA (Reading), MSc (Warwick), Director, Social Affairs Officer, ECLAC Research Associate. 
  • Jo-Ann Granger, BA (St Augustine), Dip Library Science (Mona), MLS (Alabama).Associate Faculty.
Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit
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