Faculty of Science and Technology
Dare to be Different (D2D)
The Dare to be Different series was created as part of the Faculty’s continued development and expansion of its Science for ALL strategy. This series is focused on enhancing the Faculty’s interaction with stakeholders by challenging them to think out of the box. The overall theme is:
Be different, Be daring, Try something new
Generally, the initiatives under this series seek to fill in the gaps that the current STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) development mechanisms are not handling well or are missing entirely.

The first activity was a Mathematics Symposium with the theme, Dare to be Different: Revitalizing Mathematics, which focused on the creation and development of actionable items that will assist in the solving of some of the issues surrounding the teaching and use of Mathematics, both locally and regionally.

The second activity is the beginning of a popularization of science programme called Dare to be Different: Popularizing Science. This project will evolve over time, where each new effort will build on the last, expanding the knowledge of the viewership. It began with the use of the Faculty Twitter site, @fstcavehill, to display regular facts and acronyms about Science and Technology. The twitter feed can also be viewed on the Faculty’s homepage.


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