Faculty of Science and Technology
Science for ALL
For science and technology to become a true economic driver for Barbados and the Region, it must be fully integrated into the normal functioning of our society. This requires that science and technology be part of everyday life and be used to improve the standard of living, support justice and equality and enhance education.
The Faculty of Science and Technology has embraced this philosophy under the theme Science for ALL where growth, collaboration and sharing form the main pillars as we seek to strengthen the relationships between all Science and Technology stakeholders within the Caribbean Region.
The three pillars are:
  1. Growth: To advance science and technology in Barbados and the Region.
  2. Collaboration: Combine our individual strengths to achieve common goals and enable us to be competitive world wide.
  3. Sharing: The promotion of the open dissemination of information among stakeholders
Science for ALL forms the unified path that guides the Faculty's operational plan and hopefully will form an overall unified direction for Science and Technology within the Caribbean Region.
 Our major initiatives are:
  1. Building Creative Little Scientists
  2. FUSE-IT
  3. FIRE Initiative
  4. Dare to be Different Series
The Faculty of Science and Technology
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