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Overview of the BSc Degree
Year (level) 1 of the 3-year BSc degree is devoted to pursuing courses which will form the foundation on which your degree is built. After this you must develop a specialisation or Major which comprises at least 30 credits or approximately half of the Advanced courses taken in Years (levels) 2 & 3. The other half of the degree may comprise a second Major or simply a variety of courses or include a Minor which comprises at least 15 credits or approximately one quarter of the Advanced courses taken in Years 2 & 3.
Types of BSc Degrees:                                                      
  • Single Major – half the Years 2 & 3 credits in one discipline
  • Single Major and Minor – half the Years 2 & 3 credits in one discipline and a quarter in another discipline
  • Double Major – all the credits in Years 2 & 3 taken in one discipline or half taken in one discipline and half in another

To-date, some 76 different degree programmes have been pursued. Students can follow any combination of Majors and Minors within the Faculty, providing the timetable permits these combinations. However, please note the following exemptions:
  1. You cannot Major in both Computer Science and Information Technology.
  2. Biology, Biochemistry, Ecology and Microbiology Majors may not be combined; students wishing to pursue such Double Majors must instead register for the Biological Sciences Double Major. Only the Biology or Biochemistry Major may be combined with the Chemistry Major. Only the Biology or Ecology Major may be combined with the Environmental Science (formerly Earth Science) Minor. Students wishing to combine a Biology, Biochemistry, Ecology or Microbiology Major with a Major of another discipline must seek the approval of the Dean and are advised that timetable clashes of courses may make it impossible to complete such degrees in the minimum 3 year period.

You must have a Major in this Faculty but, with the permission of the Dean, you may take a Major or Minor outside of the Faculty. Currently, only a limited number of Inter-Faculty Degree Options are possible.
Important Guidelines for continuing students to follow
  1. Carefully read the Regulations in the Faculty Handbook. These guidelines are no substitute! You are bound by the Regulations of the Handbook of your year of entry.
  2. All students must have matriculated, i.e. you must have passed 2 A’levels or 24 Preliminary credits or four units of CAPE in approved subjects or have an approved Associate degree (GPA ≥  2.5).
  3. For your degree you need 24 Level 1 credits (12 of which must come from this Faculty). You normally must have these 24 credits before starting Level 2.
  4. All students must Major in at least one discipline from our Faculty, as defined for each discipline in the Handbook. By the end of Level 1 you should have decided on your intended Major(s)
  5. The remaining half of your degree can be made up by one of the following;-
    1. an additional Major from this Faculty (as defined in the Handbook)
    2. further courses in the same discipline, giving you a Double Major in that discipline (as defined in the Handbook)
    3. an additional Major from another Faculty with permission of the Dean
    4. a mixture of Advanced courses
    5. a Minor (a defined quartet of courses in a discipline) plus a mixture of Advanced courses
  6. You must pass a total of three Foundation courses as part of your degree (excluding FOUN0100). You should pass these as early as possible. Don’t leave these to your final year.
  7. In selecting courses, your priority should be the courses required for your Major.
  8. Complete your Level 2 courses before taking Level 3 courses. The timetable generally does not permit courses of different levels to be taken in the same year.
  9. You cannot register for a course for which you lack the pre-requisite(s) or which clashes with other courses you are taking.
  10. In Years 2 & 3, a maximum full-time load is 18 Faculty credits plus one Foundation course (11 Faculty credits plus one Foundation course part-time) per semester.
  11. You can change your Major up until your Final semester but not after the published deadline during your final semester.
  12. You are responsible for checking your registration on-line to ensure it is correct. Do this soon after registration. Waiting until exams start is too late to correct errors.
  13. You cannot change your registration (drop or take up courses) after week 2 in the semester (Reg. 9a).
  14. To pass a course, you must pass both practical and theory (Reg. 18).
  15. Absence due to illness must be documented with a medical certificate.
  16. You will be placed on warning with a Semester GPA <  2.00. If your Semester GPA equals or falls below 2.00 in the subsequent semester you will be required to withdraw from the University (reg. 30). 
To graduate with a degree you must have a degree GPA ≥ 2.0.
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