Faculty of Science and Technology
Embrace Your Inner NERD
The Faculty of Science and Technology, Cave Hill Campus, has begun an initiative to look at the inclusion of entrepreneurship within the Faculty’s student learning experience.
The initiative operates under the title “Embrace Your Inner NERD” where NERD stands for:
  • Novel - be innovative and creative 
  • Extendable - be flexible and open minded 
  • Resourceful - use whatever is available 
  • Determined - never give up
These are a few of the important qualities that we as scientists and technologists need to be successful. These are also necessary qualities for entrepreneurs.
This initiative highlights the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in the economic development of the Region and seeks to reverse the mindset that leadership in the area of entrepreneurship is not to be found in the disciplines within science and technology. Far too often, graduates of science and technology programmes are not viewed as potential entrepreneurs. Instead they are viewed as the persons who provide the products to be used by entrepreneurs
So students embrace your inner NERD and follow us on Twitter @fstcavehill and Instagram @nerdatfst
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