Faculty of Science and Technology
Eligibility for inclusion on the Dean’s List - 

The following guidelines are applicable:

(a)  Inclusion on the Dean’s List will be on a semester basis. The Summer School Programme will not
       be considered.

(b)  Students must obtain a Semester GPA of 3.8 and above in any semester.

(c)  Full-time students must have passed a minimum of 12 Faculty credits in the semester. Part-time
      students must have passed a minimum of 6 credits of Faculty courses in the semester.

      Credits gained for the following will NOT be taken into consideration in computing the Dean’s List:
  • Foundation courses
  • Co-curricular offerings
  • Audited courses
  • Summer courses
  • Not-for-credit courses
(d)  Repeat courses will be included in the computation of the Semester GPA towards the Dean’s List.

(e)  Special consideration will be given to students who are differently-abled and who have obtained a 
      semester GPA of 3.8 and above, but who have registered for less than 12 Faculty credits. Such
      students must declare and provide supporting documents, to the relevant University authority, as
      evidence of their disability at the start of the semester. Decisions for inclusion of such differently-
      abled students in the Dean’s List will be taken at the Faculty’s Board of Examiners Meeting.
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