Faculty of Science and Technology
Conversion to 3-Credit Courses
The Faculty of Science and Technology is currently undergoing a process of harmonization with the other Science Faculties at the UWI - Mona and St. Augustine campuses. Part of this process requires that all of our undergraduate courses be converted from 4-credit courses to 3-credit courses.
This will be done in a phased manner, with one level per academic year. For example, Level I courses will be converted this academic year, followed by Level II during the next year and so on. This semester starts with Level I for all programmes, except the Biological Sciences (Biology, Biochemistry, Ecology and Microbiology). For the Biological Sciences, they will be continuing with Level II this year as they have already completed the Level I phase.
To ensure a smooth transition, this webpage has been created. Its primary purpose is to provide the students of this Faculty with all of the information needed to navigate this transition. It will be updated several times during the next few weeks, so please check often.
We have put up, for your convenience, a summary of the Level I course requirements for all programmes. Later this week, we will be putting up additional information regarding the changes for the Biological Sciences.
Note that you are still required to complete 24 credits at Level I.
Some students may find themselves straddling the old courses and the new ones. For example, a student who has failed a Level I course during the previous academic year, and must now repeat it this academic year. Those students are STRONGLY advised to see either the Deputy Deans or the Head of Department.
Students who are experiencing difficulty navigating the changes are STRONGLY urged to meet with their Academic Advisor or the Head of Department.

Level I Programme Structure
Courses Offered Per Semester
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