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Digital Graphic Design for Beginners

This package is designed for participants who want to acquire a comprehensive set of skills in print and digital graphic design using the world's most widely used suite of professional graphics applications.
Participants will learn to use the basic features and productivity tools in the Adobe Creative Suite 4. Courses cover photo editing, illustration, page layout and PDF creation. Ideal for streamlining repetitive tasks and accelerating the path from imagination to final output. Participants will also learn to take advantage of the integration capabilities.
Registration forms are available in PDF format.
The Cost per module is $600.00 BDS OR you can take advantage of one of our attractive pacakges:
  1. Core Package (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign&Acrobat): $1,500.00 BDS
  2. Core Plus Premiere Pro & Aftereffects : $2,000.00 BDS
  3. Core Plus Dreamweaver : $2,000.00 BDS
  4. Full Package : $2,500.00 BDS
Payment plans are available
This programme is available ON DEMAND

For more information contact Dale Franklyn :
(246) 417-4380 or (246) 234-5056
Email: dale.franklyn@cavehill.uwi.edu

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