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Diploma in Information Technology

Caribbean commercial interests have embraced the importance of Information Technology. To this end there is a greater demand for qualified people with commercially oriented Information Technology skills.
The University of the West Indies has a proven history of providing quality education towards improving the quality of life of its alumni and their families. The Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics offers you a Diploma in Information Technology consisting of 10 cutting edge skills-based courses in a trimester academic year.
The Diploma in Information Technology programme considerably increases your market value while at the same time providing you with skills which you can use to earn money directly.

Programme Cost

Tuition                            $ 4,800.00
Caution Fee                    $ 100.00 (Refundable)
Identification Card           $ 5.00
Tuition fees may also be paid in three instalments of $1700.00 each, at the beginning of each trimester. Additional payment plans can be made with the coordinator of the programme. In the event that the fees have not been paid, the offer of a position on the programme would be considered to be have been rejected by the applicant.
The deadline for the submission of application forms is usually August 31st of the year of application
Academy of Information Technology
Department of Computer Science Mathematics and Physics
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