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CompTIA Professional Certification Programme

For individuals, attaining certifications means increased job security, additional career opportunities and increased credibility in the workplace. For businesses, hiring certified workers means higher customer satisfaction, increased productivity and lower employee turnover.
CompTIA A+
For entry-level IT technicians, the CompTIA A+ exam covers preventative maintenance, basic networking, installation, troubleshooting, communication and professionalism.
CompTIA Network+
For networking professionals, the CompTIA Network+ exam covers managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, operating and configuring basic network infrastructure.
CompTIA Security+
For experienced security professionals, the CompTIA Security+ exam covers system security, network infrastructure, cryptography, assessments and audits.
Application forms are available in PDF format. You can send a soft copy of your application by email, just click here to send.
Cost is $1400.00 BDS for each A+ module and $1700.00 BDS for each of the other modules. This includes all course material and examination fee (for one exam only).

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