What Did You Do This Summer?
This summer a small cohort of Social Sciences students did their summer school courses at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington (UNCW). They recorded their experience through a series of blogs and vlogs. Want to know more about their adventure? Each week we will feature a few blog entries from students talking about their experience so stay tuned...

Favourite Spot on Campus

This is a photo of the small pond near to Fisher Union which I
would stop at every morning on my walks. There are a few
swinging benches next to the pond where I would usually sit
for about 20 minutes to just enjoy the serenity of the fountain
since it was so early and no one was around.
Also,the pond is filled with fish, ducks and turtles so I enjoyed
watching them every morning.

- Amoi Bynoe

Get a snapshot of orientation day at UNCW's Summer School with Nadine's vlog entry below.

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