Should You Change Your Programme?

Is a change of programme right for you? How can you apply for the change?

You are not the only student who starts a programme and then realizes it isn’t what you want. And it’s okay to change your mind. The Faculty has compiled a short list of points to consider when thinking about changing your degree. 

1. Talk to an academic advisor
Speak to the advisor for the programme you are interested in. He/she will be able to give you more details about the subject area which can help you determine if it’s the right one for you.
2. Consider your grades and your strengths.
Do you prefer working with numbers or are you better at reading and analyzing lengthy texts and papers?
 Some students are good at both, some are better at one over the other.
If you dislike working with a lot of numbers for example changing to an Economics or Accounting programme may not be right for you.
3. Find out how long it will take to complete your degree if you change your programme.

  • How many additional courses do you need to take in order to graduate in this new programme?

  • Consider your finances – can you afford to spend an extra year doing a new degree programme? If not

  • Talk to an academic advisor and find a compromise that works for you. Maybe you can add a minor to your current major or do a double major.

  • Can taking courses at summer school help you remain on target for your completion date?

 Discuss all of the above with an advisor and then finally you can
4. Apply for a change of option
The Faculty accepts applications to change programme from January 15th to June 30th. Any programme changes approved will take effect from August.
You can apply to change your programme by:

  • Coming in to the Faculty Office and completing a Change of Option form

  • Going to Student Resources to complete and submit the form online.

For other tips and information go to the Student Advisory Corner


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