Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work & Psychology
Publications for 2013-2014
Books and Book Chapters Submitted for Publication:
  • Barrow-Giles, C. “Beyond the Status Quo, Centering Women in the Westminster System: A Preliminary Analysis. JCCP.”
  • Barrow-Giles, C. “Second Generation Reform: Political Parties and Election Financing in the OECS.”
  • Barrow-Giles, C. ‘Then and Now: An examination of three elements of national integrity systems’ indicators in four Eastern Caribbean countries - International Journal of Accountability, Transparency and Anticorruption Strategies.”
  • Gopaul-McNicol, S. Blueprint for Governance: A Ground Bottom Up Model. New York: Multicultural Educational & Psychological Services, P.C.
  • Grenade, W.The Grenada Revolution: Reflections and Lessons University Press of Mississippi (Edited Collection) Forthcoming February 2015.
  • Griffith, A. and Rock, Letnie. Social Policy Development in Barbados in the Post-Independence Era
  • Joseph, T.S.D. “Ploughing in Hard Soil: Hilary Beckles’ Intellectual Struggles in Barbados” in Bim: Arts for the 21st Century (Forthcoming November 2014)
  • Joseph, T.S.D. “ ‘An Extended Debate with Europe?’: G.K. Lewis, Denis Benn, Paget Henry, and the Epistemological Challenge in the Writing of Caribbean Political Thought”, in Freedom and Power in the Caribbean: The Thought of Gordon K. Lewis, Caribbean Reasonings Series, Ed. by Brian Meeks and Jermaine McAlpin (Kingston: Ian Randle Publishers)
  • Joseph, T.S.D. “C.L.R. James and the Grenada Revolution: Lessons Learned and Future Possibilities”, Chapter 8 in The Grenada Revolution: Reflections and Lessons, Ed. By Wendy Grenade (Jackson: University of Mississippi Press) pgs.  152-178. Forthcoming February 2015.
Refereed Journal Articles
  • Grenade, W. Grenade Wendy C. “Small States and Risky Global Intercourse: The Grenada-Taiwan Dispute” Special Issue. Social and Economic Studies Vol. 62 No. 3 pp 181-202 (2013).
  • Gopaul-McNicol, S. (2014). Special Issue: Issues in assessment and treatment of Caribbean clients and training of Caribbean psychologists. Journal of Caribbean Psychology  (November)
  • Hinds Harrison, K. “Virtual Shop Fronts: The Internet, Social Media, and Caribbean Civil Society Organisations”. Globalizations. (2014). DOI: 10.1080/14747731.2014.904163. Published online first: 8 May, 2014. 16 pgs. (To be published in print Vol. 11, No.6, December 2014.)
Non-Refereed Publications
  • Barrow-Giles, C. Strengthening Caribbean Democracy, Insight Magazine, vol. 2 edition 2, 2014, pp.30-33, Guyana.
  • Griffith, A. Review Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies.
  • Gopaul-McNicol, S. (June 2014).The Role and Importance of Menin the Trinidad and Tobago Society. Quiver News (Vol. 1).

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