Department of Economics
Staff Achievements
Professor Winston Moore - Professor of Economics
The Department congratulates the Head of the Department, Dr. Winston Moore on his promotion to Professor.

For a full listing of Professor Moore’s publications view his Google Scholar Profile and RePec Profile.

Dr. Troy Lorde - Senior Lecturer
Dr. Troy LordeThe Department of Economics applauds Dr. Troy Lorde on receiving the Principal's Award of Excellence for his outstanding research in the areas of tourism economics, international trade competitiveness and applied econometrics. 

For full listings of Dr. Troy Lorde's publications view his Google Scholar Profile and RePec Profile.


Dr. Michael Brei - Lecturer

Dr. Michael BreiThe Department of Economics congratulates Dr. Michael Brei on receiving a research fellowship from the Bank for International Settlement, Basel, Switzerland.

For full listings of Dr. Michael Brei's publications view his RePec Profile.

Mr. Anthony Wood - Lecturer

Mr. Anthony Wood
The Department of Economics commends Mr. Anthony Wood for his induction as a member into the World Academy of Researchers, Educators and Scholars in Business, Social Sciences, Humanities and Education.

Dr. Prosper Bangwayo-Skeete - Lecturer
The Department of Economics congratulates Dr. Prosper Bangwayo-Skeete on receiving the Campus Award for the Most Internationally Successful Research in relation to the 2015 Paper, "Can Google Data Improve the Forecasting Performance of Tourist Arrivals? Mixed-Data Sampling Approach". 


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