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Department Key:
CLTR - Cultural Studies;  DO - Dean's Office/Faculty Office; LL&L - Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature;
H&P - Department of History and Philosophy; SOE - School of Education
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Name Dept* Email** Tel***
ARMSTRONG, Dr. Andrew LL&L andrew.armstrong 4415
BELGRAVE, Dr. Korah LL&L korah.belgrave 4421
BEST, Prof. Curwen LL&L 4416
BLACKMAN, Dr. Stacey SOE stacey.blackman 4429
BOGLE, Dr. Desrine LLL desrine.bogle 4396
BRATHWAITE, Ms. Shelley H&P shelley.brathwaite 4403
BURNS, Dr. Sheron SOE sheron.burns 4427
BURROWES, Dr. Marcia CLTR marcia.burrowes 4406
BURTON, Ms. Roxanne H&P roxanne.burton 4422
CAIN, Ms. Erlene LL&L erlene.cain 4402
CARTER, Mr. Alvin DO alvin.carter 4579/4556
CARTER, Dr. Henderson H&P henderson.carter 4397
CLARKE, Dr. Michael Codrington College 416- 8050
CLARKE, Dr. Richard LL&L richard.clarke 4390
COBLEY, Prof Alan H&P alan.cobley 4403
CODRINGTON COLLEGE Tel: 246-416-8051
CONSTANT, Dr. Isabelle LL&L isabelle.constant 4410
CRAIG, Dr. Ian LL&L ian.craig 4413
DENNY, Dr. Stacy LL&L stacy.denny 4463
DOWNES, Dr. Aviston H&P aviston.downes 4423
DOWNES, Ms. Marcia SOE marcia.downes 4431
DURANT, Ms. Suzanne DO suzanne.durant 4531
EDWARDS, Ms. Sophia DO sophia.edwards 4417
EVANS, Ms. Zoanne DO zoanne.evans 4579
FAYOMBO, Dr. Grace SOE grace.fayombo 4435
FERGUSSON. Dr. Anne DO anne.fergusson 4417
FONGKONG-MUNGAL, Dr. C SOE claudette.fongkong-mungal 4439
GILL, Ms. Margaret DO margaret.gill 4532
GOODRIDGE, Dr. Richard H&P richard.goodridge 4392
HARRIS, Ms. Joyce LL&L joyce.harris 4405
HERRERO-MARTIN, Dr. Rosa Ana LL&L rosaana.herrero-martin 4655
HUME, Dr. Yanique CLTR yanique.hume 4424
HUNTE, Dr. Nicola LL&L nicola.hunte 4409
INNISS, Dr. Tara H&P tara.inniss 4395
INNISS, Mr. Terrence LL&L terrence.inniss 4017
JACKMAN, Dr. M. Grace-Ann SOE mary.jackman 4434
JOHNSON, Ms. Alison DO alison.johnson 7458
JULES, Dr. Janice LL&L janice.jules 4412
JULES, Dr. Mia SOE mia.jules 4706
KAMUGISHA, Dr. Aaron CLTR aaron.kamugisha 4183
KING, Ms. Claudette CLTR claudette.king 7635
KING, Mr. Shane DO shane.king 4387
KNIGHT, Dr. Verna SOE verna.knight 4438
LEACOCK, Dr. Coreen SOE coreen.leacock 4708
LEYSHON, Mr. Robert LL&L robert.leyshon 4391
LUCAS, Ms. Kerry DO kerry.lucas 4385
MABANA, Prof. K. Claver LL&L khiudi.mabana 4414
MARSHALL, Dr. Ian SOE ian.marshall 4549
MAYNARD, Dr. Donna-Maria SOE donna.maynard 4705
MASCOLL, Mrs. Shirley COD 416-8051
MARSHALL, Prof. Emeritus Woodville H&P   4403
McWATT, Prof. Emeritus Mark LL&L mark.mcwatt 4402
MORRIS, Mrs. Shirley DO shirley.morris 4531
O'CALLAGHAN, Prof. Evelyn DO evelyn.o'callaghan 4388
OCHIENG'-ODHIAMBO, Prof. Frederick H&P frederick.ochieng-odhiambo 4418
OGUNKOLA, Dr. Babalola SOE babalola.ogunkola 4548/4980
POUNDER, Mrs. Normel SOE normel.pounder 4426
QUINTYNE, Mr. Kelvin LL&L kelvin.quintyne 4579/4556
RAMPERSAD, Dr. Sabrina H&P sabrina.rampersad 4398
REID, Ms. Avonda SOE avonda.reid 4428
RICHARDSON, Prof. Arthur SOE authur.richardson 4430
ROBINSON, Dr. Sandra SOR sandra.robinson 4437
ROCHA, Dr. Elaine H&P elaine.rocha 4389
SAMUEL, Dr. David SOE david.samuel 4709
SCHAUMLOEFFEL, Mr. Marco LL&L marco.schaumloeffel 4016
SOYER, Mr. Samuel DO samuel.soyer 7637
SIMMONS-MCDONALD, Prof. Emeritus Hazel LL&L   4402
SPRINGER, Ms. Tammie R. SOE tamara.springer 4741
THOMPSON, Prof. Emeritus Alvin H&P history 4403
TROTMAN, Ms. Angela LL&L angela.trotman 4404
WALKES, Ms. Carolyn DO carolyn.walkes 4579
WELCH, Mr. Glindon LL&L glindon.welch 4407
WELCH, Prof. Emeritus Pedro H&P pedro.welch 4403
WORRELL, Dr. Rodney H&P rodney.worrell 4464
YARDE, Ms. Lisa DO lisa.yarde 4386
ZAMOR, Dr. Hélène LL&L helene.zamor 4408

* Departments:
  • CLTR - Cultural Studies
  • DO - Dean's Office/Faculty Office
  • LL&L - Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature
  • H&P - Department of History and Philosophy
  • SOE - School of Education
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