School of Education
Requirements for the Minor in Education (2018-2019)
Students are required to complete at least six (6) courses (18 credits) in Education which will comprise four (4) required
courses and at least two (2) other courses.

Level I
1. EDPS1001 Introduction to Human Development (**Psychology Majors please see footnote)

Level II
2. EDCU2101 Introduction to Curriculum, Theory, Planning and Practice
3. EDRS2201 Introduction to Research Methods

Level III
4. EDS03102 Social Context of Education
5-6. Students will then select at least two (2) other courses - including at least one (1) at Level II and one (1) at Level
III from the following list:
EDPH2016 Philosophy of Education
EDME2211 Testing, Measurement & Evaluation
EDLA2112 The Structure and Nature of Language Arts
EDMA2111 The Structure and Nature of Mathematics
EDSC2110 The Structure and Nature of Science
EDSS2113 The Structure and Nature of Social Studies
EDEA2304 Introduction to Educational Administration
EDSE2924 Introduction to Special Education
EDTK3304 Media and Technology in Education
EDTE3404 Issues in Teacher Education

** NOTE: Students Majoring in Psychology must complete a Level I Education Course other than EDPS1001 or EDPS1005 in order to fulfil the requirements of the Minor.

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