Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature
Faculty & Staff
Language Linguistics Literature Administrative Staff

Head of Department: Dr. Ian Craig

Desrine Bogle Lecturer and Coordinator
Isabelle Constant Senior Lecturer
Terrence Inniss Foreign Language Assistant (French)
Kahiudi C. Mabana Professor of Francophone Literature
Hélène Zamor Lecturer
Ian Craig Senior Lecturer
Paula González García Spanish Lectora
Paola Pinto Parra Colombian Teaching Assistant
Rosa Ana Herrero-Martín Lecturer
Glindon Welch Foreign Language Assistant (Spanish)
Brazilian Studies
Marco Schaumloeffel Temporary Lecturer
Korah Belgrave Lecturer
Stacy Denny Lecturer
Kean Gibson Professor of Linguistics and Anthropology
Janice Jules Lecturer and Coordinator
Jason Siegel Research Fellow
Hazel Simmons-McDonald Professor of Applied Linguistics
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Andrew Armstrong   Lecturer and Coordinator
Curwen Best   Professor of Popular Culture and Literary Studies
Jane Bryce (Retired September 2016)   Professor of African Literature
Richard Clarke   Senior Lecturer
Nicola Hunte   Lecturer
Robert Leyshon   Senior Lecturer
Mark McWatt   Professor Emeritus
Evelyn O'Callaghan   Professor of West Indian Fiction

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