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POUi: Cave Hill Journal of Creative Writing is a leading journal for new writing from around the region and beyond. It is proud of being independent and with no other agenda than to be a vehicle for new and interesting writing.

Poui XVI is our second online issue. Going online doesn’t seem to have discouraged our contributors, and there’s been no dip in the quality of the writing either. Once again, we’re seeing an eclectic mix of old faithfuls (Obediah Smith, Philip Nanton, Ad-ziko Simba, Dee Horne) and newer writers (Lizbette Ocasio-Russe, Alex Davis, Gerardo Polanco). Carlyon Blackman, Featured Writer in Poui XV, is back with both prose and poetry; and Paula Obe contributes a combination of poems and colourful paintings. Read more About POUi »
Writer's Quote

by Obediah Smith

don´t ask me to determine
where the pieces fall
how the pieces fit
of what used to be
our relationship
let them fall where they may
fit how they may or not fit
at the end of the year
at the end of the day
when the way ends or divides
so be it 

Poui's editors are:
  • Jane Bryce
  • Mark McWatt
  • Hazel Simmons-McDonald
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