What We Want Of Love

Ian McDonald
so much we desire of love so much
that it be perfect that it be absolute
that it take us across astonishing gulfs
of danger and harm and hurt and fear
that it heal all wounds inflicted by the world
when we are young that it be passionate
set fire to the skies of day and night
that as it grows it should continually reward us
that it should strengthen us greatly
that it should be honey on the bread of life
a gleam of beauty always present
that it should bear rich fruit
only when  the last comes as it must
all we want of love is narrowed down
whom we love not be glamorous or strong
or brave or exciting or  providing everything
what mattered once does not matter now
do not leave me leave me to the black night coming
be with me be with me one day one hour
one more day one hour more be with me
one more hour one last hour forever

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