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Explore the Francophone, Hispanophone, Lusophone and Sinophone worlds!

Foreign languages offer transferable life skills in intercultural communication, critical thinking and adaptability. They combine well with any discipline to increase critical thinking, analytical skills and employability. About half of the world's population is bilingual or multilingual, are you?
Foreign languages are ideal for individuals who are dynamic, curious, open-minded and enjoy travelling and interacting with others.

Which foreign language courses can I take?
Cave Hill offers courses in French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese.
I did a foreign language in secondary school but did not sit it at CSEC, which course should I take?
Read the section titled “Part One: Finding your level”
I got a passing grade in a foreign language at CSEC, which course should I take?
Read the section titled “Part One: Finding your level”

Part One – Finding your level

I have no secondary-level or equivalent qualification.
Register for a Beginners Level One course: Here are your available options.
CHIN0101 Beginners Chinese
FREN0101 Beginners French I
PORT1001 Portuguese Language 1A - Beginners
SPAN0101 Beginners Spanish
By passing these courses, you have attained approximately the level of CXC in the language and can thus proceed to 2, as follows:
I have a CSEC or equivalent qualification (including a pass in the relevant course under 1, above) or otherwise demonstrable equivalent level in the language.
Register for a Beginners Level Two course: Here are your available options.
CHIN0102 Beginners Chinese II
FREN0102 Beginners French II
PORT1002 Portuguese Language 1B
SPAN0102 Basic Spanish (also sometimes listed as Beginners Spanish II)
What if I wish to continue after these beginners level one and level two courses?
If you wish to continue to the courses in 3, below, in French or Spanish you would first also need to take the 0103-coded courses,
offered in semester two only, for these languages (you can proceed directly to the Portuguese course in 3, below; no further Chinese courses are currently offered)

I have CAPE in the language, or an Associate Degree with the language named in the title of the degree, or can
otherwise attest equivalent command of the language.

Register for a Level One course: Here are your available options
FREN1401 French Language 1A
PORT2001 Portuguese Language
SPAN1001 Spanish Language 1A
Where can I get descriptions for these courses?
Course descriptions can be found on CHOL or in the Faculty of Humanities and Education Handbook, but the basic
principle is the same: the courses seek to improve your competence in speaking, listening, reading and writing in the foreign language sufficiently to tackle the next level up.

Part Two – Registration

Do I need academic advising before registering?
If you’re clear about which course you’re eligible for, you don’t need to consult anyone before registering, just look for the course on CHOL, check it’s offered this semester and that the timetable works for you, then register through CHOL in the usual way.
What if I am still unsure of my level in my language of choice?
If you’re not sure of your level or have any queries about these courses, your level, or about Modern Languages at Cave Hill
in general, don’t hesitate to contact the Coordinator of Modern Languages Dr. Bogle at, tel. 417 4396.
Who should I contact regarding the different languages?
Please direct queries about offerings in specific languages as follows:  Where can I get more information?
Foreign language courses are offered by the Discipline of Modern Languages in the Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature, Faculty of Humanities and Education. Contact us at 417-4405 or
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in French
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish
Bachelor of Arts (BA in French & Spanish

Bachelor of Arts (BA in Spanish with Management Studies)
Bachelor of Arts (BA in French with Management Studies)
Minor in Brazilian Studies

Minor in French
Minor in Spanish
Beginners Mandarin Chinese
Students from the Faculties of Medical Sciences, Law, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences can now substitute one Foundation Course with a Cave Hill course in a foreign language at a level appropriate to their prior exposure, as determined by the Discipline of Modern Languages (note that you may not substitute specific Foundation courses that your Faculty requires you to take). Courses are available in Mandarin Chinese, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. Contact the Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature for further information.

Can I substitute one of my Foundation Courses (FCs) for a foreign language course?
Yes. Any of the foreign language courses below may be taken by students from all Faculties instead of certain Foundation Courses (FCs) you are otherwise required to take to fulfil the Faculty of Humanities and Education Language Requirement; or simply as electives. Ask your Faculty Office which FCs you are allowed to substitute before registering. 
I am a Law student, which foundation course can I substitute with a foreign language?
You may substitute only Science, Medicine and Technology.
Benefits of Speaking a Foreign Language
- Increased Employability due to Increased Mobility Options
- Improved Cognitive Skills
- Increased Intercultural Awareness
- Improved Mother Tongue Competency
Before Your Studies: Entry Requirements
For the BA French and Spanish
For the  Minor in French.
For the Minor in Spanish
No Prior Knowledge is required for the Minor in Brazilian Studies & for Courses in Beginners Mandarin Chinese.
Never studied French or Spanish but interested in pursuing the BA in French or Spanish?
Students without prior knowledge of French and/or Spanish may opt to complete the corresponding beginners courses to become
eligible to pursue the Bachelors. Please note that with this option the BA will be completed in four (4) years of full-time study.
Aren’t foreign languages only for students majoring or minoring in languages?
No. All Cave Hill students are eligible to take courses in foreign languages.

Up to which levels can I pursue a foreign language?
Courses in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese all start at the Beginners Level and go up to level III, except for Chinese.

Can I minor or major in Chinese?
No. Chinese is currently only available at the beginners level.

During Your Studies
- Participate in the Martinique exchange or Spanish immersion programmes
- Join the Language Club
- Participate in the Theatre Festival
Can I participate in a study abroad/immersion programme while studying a foreign language?
Yes. You can spend between one (1) month and one (1) year in a French-speaking, Spanish-speaking country or Brazil. Contact us for more details.

Language Learning Tips
- Maximize Practice Opportunities.
- Personalize Learning; Learn Vocabulary in your Areas of Interest.
- Visit Countries where the Language is Spoken.
After Your Studies
- Participate in the French programme d’assistanant
- Pursue our MA in Caribbean Studies, an MPhil or a PhD
- Work locally, regionally or internationally in fields such as tourism and hospitality, translation, diplomacy, education.
Translation Services
Do you have a document to translate? Request the Services of our Translation Bureau
Foreign Language Activities
No Upcoming Events
Language Facts
- A person who speaks more than one language is not a linguist. (S)He is a polyglot
- A person who renders one spoken language into another language is not a translator. (S)He is an interpreter
- Translation and Interpreting require different skill sets. Very few people do both very well. 
- Studying literature increases your critical thinking and analytical skills.
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