Keynote Speakers

Dr. Jane Arnold
The University of Seville, Spain

Prof. Jane Arnold is Full Professor of Language Teaching Methodology at the University of Seville (Spain) and is the Academic director of Language and Cultural Encounter. She is on advisory boards for several international language teaching organizations and journals and is a member of the research group REALL (Research in affective language learning).. Working with both English and Spanish as second languages,
she has given plenaries and workshops and taught modules for MA programs in several European countries, North and South America, North Africa and Asia. Her main area of research is the affective domain of language learning, including self-esteem, motivation, and the use of mental images in teaching. She is convinced that when teaching is
affective it becomes more effective.

As pioneer scholar in the field of effective use of the affective component in Second Language Learning, Professor Arnold is author, co-author and editor of milestone books, such as Affect in Language Learning (Cambridge University Press, 1999), Imagine That: Mental Imagery in the EFL Classroom (CUP, 2007), Activities for Interactive Whiteboards (Helbling, 2009), Seeds of Confidence: Self-esteem Activities for the EFL Classroom (Helbling, 2009), Meaningful Action (CUP, 2013), and The Principled Communicative Approach (Helbling, 2015).

Prof. Yareira Puig-Pernas
University of Havana, Cuba
Prof. Puig-Pernas is Professor of Spanish and Russian at the School of Foreign Languages (FLEX) and School of Spanish for Non-Native Speaking Students (FENHI) at the University of Havana (UH), Cuba, and Coordinator of the Spanish Doctorate Program at UH. She is a long-standing researcher, textbook author, teacher trainer, curricular designer and PhD mentor in the field of Spanish and Russian as Foreign and Second Language. Prof. Puig-Pernas has also coordinated several custom-made International Spanish Teacher Training Programs at UH for Colombian, Russian, Canadian, Spanish and Mexican Tertiary Educational Institutions. She coordinates one national research project in Cuba on Interdisciplinary Studies and another national project on Assessment and Certification of Spanish as First Language. Qualified Member of The Ibero-American Pedagogic Network (REDIPE) and Honorary Member of The Cultural Studies Chair at UH.

She is the author of the following Spanish as Second Language text-books used in the Spanish Language Immersion Programs at the UH:
Me gusta hablar español, Preposiciones y Proposiciones, Chistegrama, La letra con canciones y poemas entra, Dime, Un paso más, Aprende español conmigo.


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