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Welcome to Campus IT Services at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies. We are located south of the Roy Marshall Teaching Complex and we are responsible for all computer services on Campus.


Campus IT Services is the campus’s information technology unit responsible for providing infrastructural, software, and user services to support academic and administrative activities.


Information Technology has become so pervasive in Higher Education that every student and faculty must use some element of IT in a significant manner to complete his or her work.


Our vision is to cultivate a centre of information technology excellence that is an integral part of the academic pursuits of students, faculty and staff. In realizing this vision, we are committed to the continuous development and improvement of IT services.


Our goal is to deliver responsive and efficient IT support services to the user community by:

  • Providing cutting-edge instructional and technology support to students, researchers, and staff
  • Implementing and maintaining mission-critical administrative systems to improve the operational efficiency of the University. These systems include human resources, financial management, and students relationship management
  • Provide a student-centred collaborative environment that encourages the daily use of information technology thus helping to create a single university space for students, faculty, and staff.


Campus IT Services is a people-centred unit and we want to hear from our students, faculty and staff. Feel free to email your thoughts and suggestions about the website and the services we provide to


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Telephone: (246) 417-4191 Fax: (246) 417-4551 Email: