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Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit

Outreach: Public Lectures, Seminars and Workshops

Outreach | Certificate Course | Public Lectures

The Institute offers lectures, seminars and workshops to disseminate information and raise the level of public debate and understanding on the contribution of feminist scholarship. These have included:
  • Feminist Theory and the Caribbean: "Some Building Blocks in the Construction of Feminist Theory in the Caribbean" 
  • Women in Literature: "Fictionalizing the Female in West Indian Literature" 
  • Female Entrepreneurs: "Female Entrepreneurs and Economic Relations in Barbados"
  • Women, Communication and Cultural Identity in the Caribbean: "Walking the Tightrope: From Honorary Blackness to Honorable Whiteness: Talking about White Identity" 
  • Gender and Masculinity: "Unmasking Masculinity in Caribbean Feminist Thought" 
  • Women and Politics: "Caribbean Women Catalysts For Change: The Experiences of the First Female Prime Minister in the Commonwealth Caribbean"
Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit
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