The University of the West Indies (UWI), at Cave Hill, Barbados

The University of the West Indies

at Cave Hill, Barbados

Undergraduate Programmes


Please note that this programme structure acts as a guideline, refer to your Undergraduate Handbook for official programme information.


1. PSYC 1003 Introduction to Psychology
2. PSYC 1004 Introduction to Social Psychology
3. PSYC 1013 Introduction to Research Methods
4. PSYC 1012 Introduction to Developmental Psychology
5. PSYC 1015 Historical Issues in Psychology
6. MGMT 1000 Introduction to Computers
7. ECON 1005 Introductory Statistics

8. One (1) of:
FOUN 1101 Caribbean Civilization Or
FOUN 1210 Science, Medicine and Technology in Society

9. One (1) of:
FOUN 1001 English for Academic Purposes Or
FOUN 1008 Rhetoric II: Writing for Special Purposes

10. One (1) of:
GOVT 1001 Introduction to Caribbean Politics
MGMT 1001 Principles of Management
SOCI 1000 Introduction to Sociology II
SOCI 1002 Introduction to Sociology I
SOCI 1004 The Logic of Social Inquiry
SOWK 1000 Human Behaviour

Please be advised that your 1st year electives are prerequisites for Levels II and III courses. Please check course desciptions at the back of the Handbook which indicates prerequisites before selecting elective courses.



Before selecting Level II courses, students must ensure that they have satisfied the necessary prerequisites at Level I.

1. PSYC 2012 Developmental Psychology II: From Conception to Adolescence (For this degree only)
2. PSYC 2008 Cognitive Psychology
3. PSYC 2009 Learning Theory and Practice
4. PSYC 2004 Personality Theory and Assessment I
5. PSYC 2003 Physiological Psychology
6. PSYC 2014 Statistics and Research Design II
7. PSYC 2002 Abnormal Psychology
8. Three (3) of:
SOCI 2006 Qualitative Research Methods
MGMT 2008 Organizational Behaviour
MGMT 3017 Human Resources Management
SOCI 3014 Criminology
SOCI 3017 Criminal Justice
SOWK 2007 Disability Studies
SOWK 3031 Bio-psychosocial Challenges of HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean
SOWK 3034 Children and Family Services
An approved course.


1. PSYC 2007 Psychometrics
2. PSYC 3024 Applied Psychology Research Methods
3. PSYC 3013 Contemporary Issues in Social Psychology
4. PSYC 3014 Industrial and Organisational Psychology
5-6. PSYC 3021 Research Thesis in Applied Psychology
7-8 . Two (2) of:
PSYC 3008 Elements of Counselling and Psychotherapy
PSYC 2017 Gender and Psychology
PSYC 3003 Community and Environmental Psychology
PSYC 2016 Communications Psychology
PSYC 2015 Culture and Psychology
9-10. Two (2) of:
MGMT 3018 Industrial Relations
SOCI 2013 Caribbean Social Development
SOCI 3014 Criminology
SOCI 3016 Social Gerontology
SOCI 3017 Criminal Justice
SOWK 3032 Substance Abuse Management in the CAribbean
SOWK 3034 Children and Family Services
SOWK 4005 Crisis Intervention
An Approved Psychology Course.

N.B. To all Psychology students

PSYC 2008 Cognitive Psychology replaces PSYC 3004 Experimental and Applied Psychology.  This applies to students who entered the B.Sc. Psychology programme prior to 2008/2009.

PSYC 2022 Developmental Psychology II: From Conception to Adolescence is to be taken by B.Sc. Psychology (Special) students ONLY.

PSYC 2012 Developmental Psychology is to be taken by students reading for majors and minors in Psychology but NOT B.Sc. Psychology (Special) students.

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